5 Tools Everybody in the Beauty Industry Should Be Using

Are you a stylists, makeup artists, lash tech??  If so, here a 5 tips that everybody in the beauty industry should be using.

Scheduling software – This helps you stay organized.  In addition to just scheduling, this can be useful as a client info database.  Make sure you collect personal info like their address, email and phone numbers.  This can be used for marketing later or to draw back in clients that you haven’t seen in awhile for lash extensions in the woodlands.  There are some really great software programs out there that have merchant credit cards services built in so you can run your credit cards all through the same place.

Website – Go ahead and get a website.  Make yourself have an online presence.  There are website building services out there for pretty cheap.  I personally use godaddy.com and love it.  Provide a link to your scheduling software on your site.  Some clients (myself being one of them) like to book online.

Business cards – I know this sounds ridiculous to even be on this list but you wouldn’t believe how many people I come across that don’t have these.  If you don’t have them…. GET THEM!  And keep them on you at all times.  You never know who you will come in contact with throughout the day.  They are cheap and leave more of a lasting impression than simply giving out your number.  Another tip is go ahead and spend that extra few dollars to spice them up a bit with a glossy finish or thick paper.

Knowledge – As the old saying goes, knowledge is power.  Be informed of what your doing.  Avoid saying “I don’t know”.  Instead look it up and provide an answer.  Clients want someone they can trust and someone that knows what they are doing. Find a class or webinar and learn new skills.  Stay ahead of the game.

Smiling face 🙂 – Yes some days can be tough but you don’t have to put that negative energy on your clients.  This is a sure way to keep from getting repetitive business from them.  Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.   Think of yourself as a counselor doing lash extensions in the woodlands.  Just listen to them and provide input if appropriate and if asked for.  They are paying for your service so it can’t be all THAT bad, right??!

– Martie 🙂

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