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Our Pure Blog is a collection of tips, trends, safety concerns, news and answers to questions regarding waxing, makeup, eyelash extensions and the beauty industry as a whole. Here we will attempt to cover various topics that we think will benefit our clients.

mother's day with flowers

Mother’s day is around the corner.  And because we love our moms, do something nice for her…. like treat her with a gift certificate to Pure Lash Studio? GIFT CARDS can be used towards any services or products we offer.  We specialize in the...

Mother’s Day Gifts from Pure Lash Studio


Waxing has come to Pure Lash Studio, lash extensions in the woodlands.  Do you get waxed?   From lip to eyebrows to bikinis to legs, what is your regular waxing routine?  Do you wax more in the summer or is it about the same...

Do you get waxed?


Eyelash extensions are fabulous but definitely not for everyone.  Here are a few myths that you should be aware of and the truths about them:   Extensions hurt – If they hurt something is wrong.  They absolutely should not hurt.  Lack of experience from a...

7 Myths About Eyelash Extensions


Have you ever gone to a waxing appointment and later end up with bumps and irritation?  Here are few tips to fight it! Try to exfoliate prior to your waxing appointment.  This gets ride of dead skin, dirt and oil.  When the hair is removed...

Fight the Irritation Caused by Waxing


Thanksgiving day is just around the corner and that’s really what makes the start of the fast paced, bustling holiday season.  Thanksgiving, then Black Friday and then pure chaos until Christmas when everything seems to come to a screeching halt as we look back...

Thanksgiving Day!!

eyelash-extensions-in-the-woodlands-tx copy

Ever struggled to think of marketing ideas for your business?  Haven’t we all!  So you decide to list your business on Groupon, Amazon or any other of the discounted sites available out there?  Great!  Here’s my experience with them doing eyelash extensions in the...

Marketing with Groupon/Amazon


Do you have thin, sparse lashes?  Think, long lashes?   Knowing how to pick the correct one will help to prevent damage and prolong the life of your extensions.  Here are a few tips for selecting the correct eyelash extension for your natural lash type....

Picking Your Perfect Lash