7 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are fabulous but definitely not for everyone.  Here are a few myths that you should be aware of and the truths about them:


Extensions hurt – If they hurt something is wrong.  They absolutely should not hurt.  Lack of experience from a lash tech plus applying them to quickly and not allowing the glue to dry completely could be the reason.  Make sure you go to a reputable lash artist for your lash extensions in the woodlands

Extensions damage your natural lash – If they are applied correctly they should not damage your natural lashes.  Don’t use clusters lashes and if you choose to use them, make sure they are only temporary as in only a few days up to a week at most.  The weight of cluster lashes will damage your natural lashes if used on a semi-permanent basis.  Also try to avoid heavy lashes.  These are usually classified in the 0.25mm thickness range.  These are just too heavy for most people.

Periodically have them removed and have a new set applied – Nope, this is false.  Your natural lashes go through a life cycle that is 60-90 days in length.  This means you are always growing new lashes and the extensions are falling out with the natural lashes.  Putting on a new set periodically is costly for you.

When the extensions fell out, it pulled the natural lash out – Actually the opposite is true.  Your natural lash is falling out and taking the extension with it.

There is no maintenance – Lash extensions in the woodlands are the same as getting false nails put on.  There is regular maintenance.  You need to get them refilled, keep them clean, no pulling or tugging at them.  Any additional wear and tear will make them come out quicker.

Extensions can last 2 months or longer – Since the life cycle of your natural lash is 60-90 days, each lash is in a different stage of this cycle.  You may have a few stragglers that will hang on for dear life through the complete 90 days but the majority of your lashes will shed and regrow.  It is recommended to refill the lashes every 2-3 weeks. Usually any time longer than that you will see them thin out and you will loose the full look.

Extensions make your natural lashes shorter – After you have worn extensions for an extended period of time, you really have a distorted view of what your natural lashes look like.  In actuality, your natural lashes really ARE short. That’s why you got the extensions in the first place.

– Martie 🙂


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