Choosing the Right Lash Technician

There are many different eyelash extensions in The Woodlands but choosing the correct one can be difficult.  Below are a few tips to find the right one for you.

Is the lash technician willing to seek out extra techniques?

Be sure to question your lash tech and see if they have had any additional training in the art of lashing.  Do they attend classes that keep them up to date with the modern trends?  Whether it be online or in a hands on setting, the lash tech should be willing to know what is going on in the lash world.  There are many blogs, videos and literature that is at their finger tips.  They just need to seek it out.


What kind of attitude/impression does the last tech give off?

There are two different types of lash techs.  The go-getter and enthusiast one, who is willing to discuss the many option you have with your extensions.  Then there is the uninvolved one, who is just there for the job.  Which one would you choose to do your eyelash extensions in the Woodlands?  Personally I would like somebody who is willing to go the extra mile and explain the process of lashing.  Someone that gives me different choices regarding what I can do with the extensions including different looks.