Dehumidifier – Yes or No?

I have read a lot of information on the use of a dehumidifier in the salon to cure the glue faster in turn reducing the time the client has to wait to get the lashes wet.  This time is normally 24 hours after application.  So I decided to go ahead and do a little investigation myself.  I bought a dehumidifier and have been running it for about three month here at Pure Lash Studio, eyelash extensions in the woodlands, TX.


  • It has definitely taken the moisture out of the air.  I leave gum by my station and before the dehumidifier, the gum would get soft within a night or so.  Now the gum stays firm which is confirmation the unit is working.
  • The unit is petite.  The water tank can hold about 16 ounces and takes about one week to fill up.
  • It is very quiet to run.  Sounds like an air conditioning vent in an office building (a quite one).
  • There is automatic shut off once the tank is full.
  • The retention of our clients lashes seem to have improved.


  • Since the tank is small for the small area I work in, the tank does have to be emptied regularly.  However this can be easily remedied by purchasing a large unit.
  • Another piece of equipment in a small space and another electric outlet being taken up


Really I don’t see that many cons about it.  So personally, seeing how the pros do out weigh the cons, it is beneficial to get a dehumidifier to use with eyelash extensions in the woodlands.  Weather the unit is actually making my clients lashes last longer or other factors are playing a part is questionable but worth a try if you are one the fence about it.

– Martie