Fight the Irritation Caused by Waxing

Have you ever gone to a waxing appointment and later end up with bumps and irritation?  Here are few tips to fight it!

  • Try to exfoliate prior to your waxing appointment.  This gets ride of dead skin, dirt and oil.  When the hair is removed these can potentially get into the removed follicle and cause the irritation as well as infection.
  • Applying heat will make the hair follicle stand up and become more pliable before the waxing treatment.  Try using a warm cloth.
  • Have you tried using another waxing tech?  Experience could play a role in this as well as the quality of product being used.  Pure Lash Studio uses high quality hard wax that is better for the skin and preventing irritations.
  • Apply some hydrocortisone cream. This helps with inflammation in addition to the irritation.  Also helps with any itching.

– Martie 🙂

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