Hello…. Welcome to Pure Lash Studio’s Blog

My name is Martie.  I got into the eyelash extension business about 2 years ago.  I kind of fell into it by chance.  I worked as a RN at a local hospital a few days per week and had so much time on my hands… and with all those days off (and a lot of boredom), it resulted in spending a lot of money, LOL.  So I wondered what to do…  I ran into a lady that did eyelash extensions and I made the decision to get trained to do them.  I LOVED IT!!!  I was excited to find something I genuinely enjoyed doing.  So I got my state license, opened Pure Lash Studio… and here I am.  🙂


Why Am I Blogging?

I wanted to start blogging to provide my clients an opportunity to get to know me.  A way to connect with you.  I will give my thoughts on what’s going on in the beauty industry.  This is just MY feelings and will be in no way ALL factual info and I’ll keep it fun and casual.


What Am I Blogging About?

Tips, trends, benefits, safety concerns…. really anything in the eyelash extension or beauty industry.  Any pertinent news, answers to questions or any thoughts I think would benefit you.


How You Can Leave Feedback?

I love feedback so please don’t hesitate to leave it.  You can comment on any post or just email me at customerservice@purelashstudio.com.  Also go like our facebook page at www.facebook.com/purelashextensions.  Feel free to leave posts there as well.  I welcome any comments or questions.  They are encouraged and appreciated.

Thanks so much!

– Martie