History of Lashes

False eyelashes have been around since the very early 1900’s.  They were worn by actresses to enhance their lashes on film. The earliest info is from 1916, worn by actress Seena Owen and made of human hair that was woven through fine gauze.  They were then applied to the actress much like strip lashes are applied today.  Eyelash extensions originated in Japan and became widely popular around 2004-2005 with the popularity constantly growing.  Many movie stars and public figures wear eyelash extensions in the woodlands.


Since the interest has been able to track trends, the search for eyelash extensions in the woodlands has increased dramatically year after year.  Starting in 2005, there was spike in searches which held at a pretty even rate until about 2010.  The highest interest in eyelash extensions according to Google was right before 2013 followed by a slight dip.  It is forecasted that searches for eyelash extensions within the US will continually be at a high in the year to come.


The future for eyelash extensions in the woodlands is bright.  The number of clients is constantly growing.  They create a sense of self-confidence and beauty.  They eyelash extensions business is forever changing and new techniques and supplies are being created to really add individuality to your eyelash extensions in the woodlands experience.

– Martie

Pure Lash Studio

Eyelash extensions in the woodlands