Marketing with Groupon/Amazon

Ever struggled to think of marketing ideas for your business?  Haven’t we all!  So you decide to list your business on Groupon, Amazon or any other of the discounted sites available out there?  Great!  Here’s my experience with them doing eyelash extensions in the woodlands and the pros and cons but first let me give you a little explanation of how these sites operate.

Groupon/Amazon takes 40-50% for themselves and this is off the already very discounted price.  So for example, let’s say you sell X item or services for $100 and you put it on Groupon/Amazon for $40 which is already 60% off your price (and yes they will make you discount it to a certain amount).  Then they come and take 50% off of the $40.  This leaves you with only $20 for something you would usually get $100 for.



Worth it if you have a business that is repetitive.  By repetitive I mean something that clients/customers are going to return to within a short time frame.  My reasoning for this is since Groupon/Amazon does take their share you are barely left with anything.  However if your clients returns in fairly short period of time, does it really  matter if you did not make much at the first sale?  It is a client you would have normally never been in contact with.  Which brings me to my second point, you are able to reach out to thousands of potential clients within your area that you may have otherwise never had contact with or even the ones that you may had contact with but were too scared to try your service due to the fear of losing money or bad quality.


Obviously the first would be the money lost due to Groupon/Amazon’s share.  Bummer but with the right circumstances…not THAT bad.  Another con would be selling too many of these Groupon/Amazon voucher.  You don’t want all of these types of clients at once.  How would you make money for rent, supplies, employees, etc?   Besides if you are some type of service provider and you offer memberships, you definitely don’t want to upset your current loyal customers but have no time on your schedule for them due to Groupon/Amazon clients.


Overall, like I said before….if you offer a repetitive service I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for Groupon/Amazon.  Give it try.  But in all honestly if you don’t have these types of services, I recommend staying away.  Your going to be extremely busy with little return.  If you have can’t produce something worth it in a timely fashion you will upset all the potential clients.


– Martie  🙂

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