Picking Your Perfect Lash

Do you have thin, sparse lashes?  Think, long lashes?   Knowing how to pick the correct one will help to prevent damage and prolong the life of your extensions.  Here are a few tips for selecting the correct eyelash extension for your natural lash type.

Are your lashes:

  • Thin – Choose a thinner lash.  Makes sense right?  I know everyone wants the Kim Kardashian eyelash extenions but the truth is not everyone has the natural lash to support it.  I get many clients that come in and want the longest, thickest lashes I can provide although they have extremely thin lashes to apply them to.  When you apply a thick false lash to the thin lash, what happens is they begin to hang down.  They can droop into your visual field and yes I have seen this happen.  Think Snuffalufagus…we all know who he is right?!  There are ways to remedy this to some extent but the tiny lash just doesn’t have the strength to hold up those thick lashes.
  • Thick – These are great to work on.  Usually they can withstand any type of lash.
  • Full – Go with a medium to thick lash.  This type of natural lash can take a little more time to work on but will look great if done correctly.  You may opt to skip over some natural lashes during the application.  You don’t want to look like you are wearing a little blanket across your lash line.
  • Sparse – Depending on the thickness of the natural lash, I would recommend leaning more towards the thick lash with shorter lashes alternating in.  This will give the appearance of more bulk at the lash line in turn making them look fuller.
  • Short – The rule of thumb that should be followed is only extend your lashes 1/3 longer than your natural ones.  The longer you go, the less surface area the extension has to be glued to and the more they will tend to fall out.


– Martie