Received a Bad Lash Job???

Have you ever received a bad lash job and ended up with clumpy lashes?  Damaged lashes?  I sure have and it’s awful.  You go into the salon expecting to lay down, relax and get up with beautiful, voluminous lashes.  Only to get up, look in the mirror and think to yourself….What happened???  You leave disappointed and feeling self-conscious. Sometimes the damage can be so bad that you have to have the eyelash extensions removed.  Sometimes there are bare spots where lashes used to be.

Lashes had too much glue applied.

Excessive amount of adhesive was applied.

How to Prevent a Bad Lash Job

Do your research!!  Receiving a bad lash job is dreadful but it is absolutely preventable.  Doing a little research about the stylists can save your lashes in the future.  Make sure your lash stylists is licensed. This is IMPORTANT!  Although sometimes not only being license is sufficient.  Ask about experience.  Have they received special training in the art of lashing?  Many times eyelash extension salons will pull in a couple of estheticians/cosmetologists who have no experience in applying eyelash extensions, simply to fill a bed in their salon.  Is it quantity they are after instead of quality?  Your lashing experience should feel relaxing, not rushed.  Your lash stylist should be able to answer questions and be knowledgeable about products used and the lashing process.  All of our stylist  at Pure Lash Studio in The Woodlands are specially trained in applying and removing eyelash extensions.

Extensions are glued to more that one natural lash.

Extensions are glued to more that one natural lash.

What To Do If You Have Damaged Lashes

If you do experience a bad lash job, don’t PANIC!  Have an experienced lash stylist remove the lashes.  Do not let them pick the eyelash extensions apart as this is sure to damage your lashes even further. After removal, have an experienced lash stylist evaluate the condition of your natural lashes to see if they can be reapplied or if your lashes need a break in order to rest and rejuvenate.  Usually the lashes should rest for about 4-6 months with moderately damaged lashes.  Apply a growth serum (SOLD in our eyelash extension salon in The Woodlands) to stimulate growth and improve the condition of your lashes.  Just remember your lashes will grow back and whatever you do….DO NOT go back to the place that did the BAD JOB.

– Martie